Ben wants to celebrate the good things in life

… He has obviously found a tone that goes straight into the hearts of many people, which has resulted in several "Svensktopp" placings over the years.

”This solitary man amongst us, now with glory to his name, became our gleam of hope, in a world of guilt and shame”.

- Per Kågström, Hallandsposten

Ben Olander & Anna Lönnberg - Triumfens Bravad

Probably Ben Olander's best CD to date. He moves between pop and ballad, rock and schlager surrounded by a group of talented musicians like Janne Bark and Mats MP Persson.

Ben Olander has made a couple of nice tracks which gains that little extra when Anna Lönnberg also sings. She has a voice that completes Ben's in a way that makes us want to hear more. Ben Olander's songs have a message. It's not just words because there should be lyrics. I like what I´m hearing.

- Lennart Götesson, Dala-Demokraten

"Best without a cowboy hat", Ben Olander - The man I am

An unusual grip. Two CD's, one in Swedish, one in English. But with the same tracks, recorded in Nashville. Ben himself almost asks for forgiveness for the Swedish one - which is excellent! A bit of a road movie. The atmosphere of country music is nicely captured in the Swedish language.

- Börje Lundberg, Expressen

Ben Olander - Light a shining star

When it is Christmas, I prefer the subtle and gravity of Lasse Berghagen, or the "Svensktopps" star Ben Olander's new christmas single "Light a shining Star." The bells ring in a soft ballad about christmas spirit and hope, written by Olander and Ulf Lundells guitarist, Janne Bark.
The mastering is done by Gyllene Tiders Mats "MP" Persson. In the chorus Ben gets joined by the beautiful voice of Anna Lönnberg.

- Michael Nystås, Aftonbladet

Ben Olander - Our gleam of hope

Ben Olander delivers two songs dedicated to Raoul Wallenberg and also a little book that presents Wallenberg and his deeds.

It's a little bit of reading and listening to the two songs that is also featured in English versions, as well as the text of the book. Ben Olander has with his book and music projects found a way to present a historic event. The songs are also very singable for a powerful troubadour as Ben Olander. And with Janne Bark at the guitar it gets rich and musically viable. Janne Bark is also choiring accompanied by Anna Lönnberg which is most often heard on Ben Olander's CD's. Ben Olander has found a voice in Anna Lönnberg which has something extra and deserves a solo track.

Buy this record if you want to remember Raoul Wallenberg.

- Lennart Götesson, Dala-Demokraten

Visfestivalen in Västervik 2004

"When Ben entered the stage, one could believe that another artist was advertised in the program.
- Janne! Janne! Janne! chanted a group of men in the front row. And it was the well known Janne Bark, who sat down on Ben Olander's left side. It was also Janne Bark who got Ben Olander to pick up the songwriting a few years ago and Ben took the opportunity to thank his good friend. When it was time for an encore, it was Ben, and not Jannes name that was shouted from the audience, which had taken a liking in his country influenced songs with texts about the conservative christians in the USA ("it's okay to be religious fanatics, but not with my daughter "), an evening on the dance floor and a history lesson about Karl XI."

Article about visfestivalen i VästerviksTidningen

Nils Svensson, Västervikstidningen

"Nice duet with a spirited song" - Ben Olander & Anna Lönnberg - Min sommarbild

A nice duet with a spirited song. A single, where Ben Olander has taken the help of Anna Lönnberg to make a nice duet. Ben Olander's earlier productions had been leaning more towards the ballad genre. Now it's more in a pop-dance way put in a spirited track where Anna Lönnberg is a pleasant surprise with a clear and intense summer voice. Now we all long for summer and taking that summer pic that the duo sings about. That image will remain on the retina when the autumn darkness comes.

- Lennart Götesson, Dala-Demokraten

"This is good swedish music" - Ben Olander - Insikter

It's pleasant to welcome Ben Olander and his new album, Insikter. As always when I listen to this man, I'm impressed by the lyrics which once again holds top quality. And it becomes a very enjoyable production when it's mastered with the studio staffs country feeling. We find names as Janne Bark, spouses Dominique and MP Persson from the old Gyllene Tider. I'd rather put Olander as our best representants of the modern ballad. He always has something to tell and touches Wiehe's ability of expression. The language is rich and deftly nuanced and makes one think. This is good swedish music. Pop, ballad or country, it doesn't matter. Insikter is holding a high standard from the first track to the thirteenth.

- PR Carlsson, Sundsvalls tidning

"The best one so far" - Ben Olander - Insikter

Ben Olander's third album and also his best one - so far. The rating is a strong three, touching four, but he´s got to have something to aim for! On this CD with thirteen tracks it's mostly Mats MP Persson who has made sure it sounds good. MP has mastered the track, been a sound engineer and producer, as well as he plays all of the instruments on most of the tracks. It is consistently good with some peaks as "The meeting" (Mötet), a song that has already been up and flipped on Swedish toplist, and "No hesitation." All the lyrics and music has been written by Ben Olander besides "Kurvan", which MP has been co-writing.

Ben Olander's ballads are the best, where his voice comes more to its right. The duet in "Snickarkärlek" is sung together with Anna Lönnberg, who's also included in the choir together with Camilla Andersson. Where MP doesn't play all the instruments, there are other famouse musicians like Janne Bark and Monica & Carl-Axel Dominique.

At the end of the booklet is a "translation" into Swedish of the words found in the texts to all that may not understand or who needs an explanation.

- Greger Jinnemo, Hallandsposten

Ben Olander - The Man I Am/Den man jag är

A double-CD with Ben Olander, one of which is in English and one in Swedish. It's the same songs on both discs. Ben has written 6 songs, and 3 is by Al Andersson/Bob DiPiero and the last one is by Al Andersson/Andre Pessis.

This is a very nice attempt to get the music to more and larger groups of listeners. Because fact is that many of the slightly older who listens to country music don't know the English language that good. The more i listen to the CD the better it gets. In the beginning I found the English album to be the best, but the Swedish one gets better and better, the more I listen to it. I find the best track to be "The Man I Am" (Den man jag är), "Trucker Bob", "Buddies" (Polare), "Julie" (Eva), "A Smile Is A Frown" (En rättvänd bumerang) and "The Immigrant" (Invandraren). I can only hope that the audience/listeners take this CD to their hearts, because in my opinion it's a great CD. But it might take some time for people to assimilate.

- Kurre, Kountry Korral

Country Lover

Ben Ginslinger with a CD that contains some good oldies. If you hear the album without knowing who is behind the microphone and mixing desk, I immediately think that this album is entirely Swedish. But, when I buy or listen to country music I do not care about where the album comes from. No, the main thing is that it holds high class. This record contains everything I was expecting. The album contains a good mix of melodies. To those of you who think you've already heard all the good oldies way to many times will be surprised that they've been freshened up and almost renewed.

- The Country Post, BE

Country Lover

An old-school player in the Swedish country market is Ben Ginslinger. He gives us a reminder of the basic country music artists in both text and music. He explains succinctly Jimmie Rogers music as well as Hank Williams and Merle Haggard. He points out that Bobby Bare, and "Detroit City" attracted interest (same here) and making itself even on Springsteen. Ben is a very talented singer. I was particularly impressed by the booklet, Ben has penetrated deep into the art of country music in a concise way to explain it (here we have a few things to learn!). Another good swedish album!

Kountry Korral, Lars Kjellberg

"Musical hit" - Ben Olander - The Man I Am/Den man jag är

The man formerly known as Ben Ginslinger have rowed ashore a different kind of project: a double CD, one in English, the other directly translated into Swedish. Two booklets, two covers. And has proved two things:

1. Country in Swedish doesnt have to be "kånntri" and completly ridiculous.
2. Country in English is still superior. "The All-American trucker" still sounds tougher than the "continent's safest chauffeur" .

Musically it's a hit where Puritan-country music friends will feel at home. Recorded in Nashville under Al Andersson's patronage. With eight studio pros and four songs from Andersson's desk it becomes a mark of quality in the division above the ordinary Swedish "dance band kånntri".

- Jörgen Kalitzki, Värmlands folkblad


I've recieved Bens second single today, his first one was good, but this one is GREAT. As soon as I come down to the radio station this CD goes into the player and out into the air. The Swedish track in all it's glory, but the track grows even more on you in English. I´m very interested in hearing what the listeners think of this TOP-single.

- Kav-Ladja, Kurre Larsson

You Never Make Me Blue

I usually don't write about CD singles, but this one is so good I couldn't resist writing a few lines. It's Ben himself who has written all the 3 tracks on this CD. The first track is called "You Never Make Me Blue" and it's a celebration to the big love. "Kids" is about the joy and terror of having another child in the house. The last track "Trucker George" was requested on the radio after the first time it was played. The song is about one of Bens old working buddies, from his time working at a truck terminal in Chautaqua County in western New York State in the early seventies. I warmly recommend this CD.

- River Post, Juni 1999

Ben Olander - Our gleam of hope

Ben Olander continues his production of odd songs. Now it's about a tribute to Raoul Wallenberg. Olander says he's been carrying the dream of writing a tribute to Wallenberg for a long time. Wallenberg was abducted by Sovjet troops on the 17th of January in 1945. It became two songs and a small booklet. The songs Our gleam of hope and No hesitation is recorded with both Swedish and English lyrics. The text in the booklet is also in both Swedish and English.

Ben got to hear about Raoul Wallenberg for the first time in 1957, as a 7-year old boy. Ever since then Wallenberg has been a rowmodel and a hero for Ben. It's been important to Olander to express his feelings in this way. And he's done well. As usual when it comes to Bens music, Janne Bark has been producing with Anna Lönnberg in the choir.

- Roland Andersson, Karlshamns Allehanda, Blekinge Läns Tidning, Sölvesborgs-Tidningen

Ben Olander - Light a shining star

One song. And then Christmas is over and the song won't last until easter. In addition, Ben Olander's christmas track is a little different, not traditional at all, and it gives something to think about. Buy this record if: you want a different kind of christmas song.

Lennart Götesson, Dala-Demokraten

Ben Olander - Light a shining star

A few years ago, Ben Olander was a frequently reocurring performer on "Swedish toplist". Seven tracks rapidly ended up on the list after each other. With his original texts and his characteristic voice he found the art of touching the listener. Now it's become a single with a Christmas theme. Ben has written the lyrics and gotten help with the music by Janne Bark . Just like on the latest album "Insikter" (Insikter) the beautifully singing Anna Lönnberg is choiring. The result is a song that sticks out a little in this times of Christmas. And more is coming from Ben Olander. The 17th of January it's time for the release of Our gleam of hope, a tribute to Raoul Wallenberg. It's been 60 years since Wallenberg was abducted by soviet troops in Budapest on the 17th of January.

Roland Andersson, Sölvesborgs-Tidningen, Blekinge Läns Tidning, Karlshamns Allehanda

"A perfect entertainer" - Ben Olander - Insikter (Insikter)

He's been a reouccuring guest on the "Swedish toplist". Still there's not many who have heard him live or know much about him. He rarely shows up in public events and his career has not been long. He made his record debut as a 48-year-old a few years ago. Olander has written the songs himself on this album with a little help from Mats Persson. The recording was done in MP:s and Per Gessle's studio. Ben Olander definately deserves a bigger audience. He writes happy music, making content-rich and everyday texts and has an interesting voice. There's absolutely new hit songs on this album. A perfect entertainer for a audience who sits still and listen.

- Blekinge läns tidning

"A little bit of Lundell and a little Kvinnaböske" - Ben Olander - Insikter

In essence, this CD is the result of collaboration between Ben Olander, Janne Bark and Gyllene Tider's Mats "MP" Persson. They and a few more musicians have been working in Per Gessle's private studio and has produced a nice CD with thirteen songs, all written by Ben Olander. The goal is "as much Svensktopp as possible". The best part is that Ben Olander has been able to capture some of the broad repertoire, which in recent years been on the Swedish Toplist. Here's a little bit of Lundell and a little bit of Kvinnaböske. I like "Kurvan" and "Blyfri 92".

- Börje Gunnarsson, Östgöta Correspondenten

"A well composed album" - Ben Olander - Insikter

There are 13 thought-provoking insights that Ben Olander pass through these songs. The collaboration with Mats Persson from Gyllene tider has resulted in a well composed album, marked by highly personal written texts.
One of those are "Mötet", where the slightly drunken father meets his daughter at the pub. "I afton dans" gives an accurate depiction of an evening at the local dance floor with many entanglements and complications.
The album ends with an abrupt roll. The "Frontpassage" Ben Olander celebrates thunder as the eliminator against the sticky, tropical heat.
And it may well be a sufficiently thoughtful message as Christmas is getting closer!

- Berne Persson, Smålandsposten

"An album with more taste " - Ben Olander - Insikter

Ben Olander is one of the Swedish toplist's most prolific artists. An album with more taste. Olander's typical music, a mix between country/ballad/schlager makes him better and better. "Mötet", is a song which leaves a mark, as well as the funny "Blyfri 92". Funny lyrics with a high tempo makes it a real party track. And "Till en liten hund" is naturally a lovely pekoral. Sure, it was noticeable that Olander has had the help of Janne Bark and Mats MP Persson. With their continued interest, Olander can go a long way, even though he in fact made his record debut at the age of 48.

- Tommy Svensson, Kristianstadbladet

"Might be the best album yet" - Ben Olander

Melodier som låtar och essäer

The troubadour and author Ben Olander has released perhaps his best disc to date. It seems clearer than before, with clearer text and music and a fuller tone.
It's become eleven songs. Janne Bark has produced and also contributes with a number of instruments and music for two tracks. The mastering took place in Nashville which you can both feel and hear.
What Ben Olander has published is a combination of a book and a CD, hence the long title. The CD sleeve is a book, instead of the cover it will contain a booklet, a small book.
Ben Olander gives us over 200 pages with stories about and around the 1600s. A kind of instruction, song lyrics, and it's not just the 1600s that is included.

There are exciting stories from history that should be read to complete the songs, as well as the songs complete the stories. Ben Olander has written Swedish history in his own way in the ballad and book form.

- Lennart Götesson

"Another top Christmas gift" - Ben Olander - Berättelser

Another top Christmas gift for someone you love. Ben Olander's new production has 11 tracks - and also a book of 240 pages.

The tracks I like the most are "Sommarfest" which is one of the best songs a swede ever has written, "Drottning Ulrika Eleonora", "Höstmålning", "När regnet slutat falla" och "Vinterväg".

- Kurre Larsson

"A release that deserves appreciation" - Ben Olander - Berättelser

On this album Olander wants so celebrate the everyday life. He does it with music (the co-producer is Janne Bark) as well as pictures and essays in a 234 pages long book... For every story there is a song. Musically it is simple and unpretentious, Olander sings with a friendly tone. A release that deserves appreciation....

- PO Åstrand, Smålandsposten

"A real pearl" - Ben Olander - Berättelser

We're impressed by Ben´s work after we've read "Berättelser" unbiased. Clearly much sense in the lyrics. Well written and, at times you wonder if Ben is a musician or writer. It's not only Lundell who can be both....

Musically it gets a 5 from us.

A well experienced talent with many strings, and a great deal of support in the Swedish soil. A Swedish cowboy with a lot must and mead. A real pearl."

- Christer Ander, Dansmusikportalen